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Invitation list

Guideline: This is list of people who are invited by you. You need 1 fitcoin to invite a participant to your league. In case you cancel the invitation, the system will refund 1 fitcoin to your account. With this option, you will spend 1 fitcoin to invite a participant but you can dismiss a participant without any refunding.

Joining requests

Guideline: This is list of people who sent a participation request to you and they are waiting your confirmation. You can confirm or reject to accept their request. With this option, a participant will spend 1 fitcoin to join your league but if you dismiss a participant, you have to refund 1 fitcoin to the participant.


Guideline: You can set 6 prizes for your league by your fitcoins. At the end of each season, the prizes will be sent to winners. Then you can set new prizes for next seasons. Important: You cannot adjust the prize before the season ends.