Hello everyone, because Fitbit just allows us to get 1 year database and no longer anymore. So we had to change the level system's operation. Please click here to read more detail.

The Legendary Tournament


The Legendary Tournament is a knockout tournament. It includes 64 people and 6 rounds.

The competition takes place every tuesday, thursday and saturday. You can workout at any time in tuesday, thursday and saturday and sync your active minutes with the Fitbit League by login. The system will compare the final results at the end of the day. Who has many FBL scores more than other one will go to the next rounds.

At the Legendary Tournament, FBL score is calculated differently.

Special FBL score = Very Active + (Fairly Active / 10) + (Lightly Active / 20)

This tournament includes both male and female.

The comparison rule:

The system will compare the special FBL scores of tuesday, thursday and saturday first then steps.
If the result is a draw, the system will compare the special FBL scores of current month.

Who can join the Legendary Tournament?

Fitbiters who have scored 100 Special FBL minutes or higher in a day in last 30 days can join this tournament.

The registration will open until the tournament has enough participants

The Legendary Tournament will start when it has enough 64 participants.

The new season will start when the current season ends.


The Champion trophy (Golden trophy)

The Silver trophy

Two Bronze trophies

Four fifth place prizes

Eight ninth place prizes

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Registered: 54 / Available: 10

Season 11